Yearlings   ( 1978 )


Your boy comes runnin' in an' tells you,

Mum & Dad I gotta go

to watch the sunrise on the mountains

& race the rivers down below

and you take your stand against him,

'cos it hurts to watch him fly

but you understand the reasons,

that's your reflection in your boy's eye


And your little girl's expression

she's got somethin' on her mind

Often she asked you a favour,

but this one's really outa line

You almost laugh 'cos she's a baby,

you're holdin' fast to yesterday

but recognise the changing seasons,

you're all that's standin' in her way


'Cos they're gonna do it anyway,

so stand aside and watch them grow

They've got to light a few stars of their own,

you've been there so you should know

Yeah, they're gonna do it anyway

ride on every wave they see

holdin' on to all you taught them,

they sail on easy like you and me

easy and free, easy and free