which hand ?   ( 1978 )


you're a funny little girl

an' maybe i should give you more time

for your life is a great big cardboard game

i don't wanna step on any lines

you know all the rules

why you throwin' the dice on the floor ?

Oh you can look me in the eye and tell me you love me

we're playin' only one game more


so which hand has the ring ?

win it or lose it or does it mean anything ?

which hand d'you wanna take ?

a gamblin' girl like you shouldn't hesitate

his or my hand, love's a high hand

please don't make a mistake

please don't make a mistake


It's a funny little world

I know you have to laugh to survive

but when you're playin' with love there's only

so many moves you can make or you're disqualified

have you thought about tomorrow

you only seem to live for today

an' I'm runnin' out of time, this must be the last game

lay down your heart an' let's play


so which hand has the ring ?


closed hands