Waking  (2007)


There's not so many hills she hasn't climbed

and if I know her she stands

upon the highest peak where she can see forever

And these seem many miles to where she waits

but if I know you, you are safe

among the promises you have shared together


Cheated I know you feel, far from her life

but are these moments only shadows on the truth ?





We don't come all this distance to watch our dreams die

we don't build all this love to watch it fade

We're rising from our dreams and waking slowly

and old familiar friends are meeting once again....


There aren't so many days when we look back

and so we save them inside

are these the only gifts that we may ever own

When mist on mountains clears, it takes our breath

as our eyes meet infinity

is it true, only the rocks are forever ?


Cheated I know you feel.....


We don't come all this distance.....

Beinn Achaladair


recorded 6.1.08

Waking - video