image copyright Mark Churms

Two Hundred Years   ( 1984 )


Two hundred years and I didn't know

Two hundred years yet tears can flow

on a faded page

for on this hour that gave me breath

the only cloud was this list of death

that shared my stage

but there it was to the very day

I read the lines and tried to weigh

their significance

Did this man have the right to stand

and lead his wild & ragged band

on their final dance


Questions raised from moorland graves

still unanswered here today

in this nameless land

Why so soon after certainty

did they falter and lose the key

to the dream they planned

but do I care which king they chose

they tied the thistle to the rose

and who are we now ?

Losing something every day

hanging on the words they say

in London town


Two hundred years and how many tears have we cried

No longer free, but who could we be if we tried


Two hundred years can pass again

still the roll of fallen men

will haunt our dreams

The broken mirror still reflects

a nation's pride and self respect

torn at the seams

For they were pledged to eternity

if they have eyes they still see me

and wonder why

if all they fought for through the years

is faded pride or exiled tears

why did they die ?


Two hundred years....


The Battle of Culloden was fought on the

16th April 1746.

I was born exactly 200 years later and the discovery of this fact was the inspiration of this song.