Seafest 16-17 Aug 2008 071

The Kirk  (1997)

You carry my name at the Fit O' The Toun,

your door lies open still

and you'll never give up till I kneel on your floor and tho' I never will

Oh the echo remains from my parents belief - I turn from the sea to hear

through air that is rich in Smokies and haar, the bell that seeks my ear


Oh, that simple message, white lies through the years

should have died from disenchantment, washed away in tears

but I don't care, no I don't care, you were good for me


I remember the book, the text we learned

kept our lives on track

When I found the truth, the wound was deep

but you knew I'd be back

So I climb this rock and when I fall

you never shout the word

For you know the myth grows wild in me

God knows it's absurd


Oh, that simple message, white lies through the years....


Seafest 16-17 Aug 2008 075