The Key   ( 1984 )


We're in a dark room,

the shadow say he's comin' back soon

and tho' he caught us in the full moon,

how come we never saw his face ?

we're on the inside,

we've learned a lot of how the man lied

but we lose our game of i-spy

if we never leave this place


why does it happen so soon when we all wish the world well

may we be allowed to go free ?

why do we spend all our time bein' curious

why when we all know and still hide the key ?


we specialise in

Facts we know you'll find surprisin'

names and faces we're disguised in

but suddenly we are the clowns

stop cryin' on my shoulder,

you won't escape the shadow told you

but your life is gettin' colder

and you know you hear the sounds


why does it happen....


Where have all our dreams gone

and reasons why we hold on ?

they run before a new dawn

from a darker day they flee

beyond the door i hear a voice call

hold me as utopia falls

pressin' back against the cold wall

we hear the turning of the key

 Guitars & arrangement: John Jarvie

Drums: Gerry Dickson

Rec: 1985


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