Sheil 1966

Tasty         ( music 2005,  lyrics 2008 )


You're standin' like you just can't help it but you know just what you're doin'

I was walkin' in a dedicated straight line, but you just stopped me in my tracks.

I had my life the way I wanted me to have it, black & white uncomplicated

my emotions in a peaceful place , I'd papered over all the cracks


There could be hell behind that pretty smile

I could be headin' for a world's end fall

Are you the something that I just don't need

You look like everything I want


I'm gettin' all the signals, you got my motor runnin'

where is the voice that whispers I'm gettin' outa here

May be a foreign place but, I understand the language

One thing I know for sure - you're Tasty....


I start to swither as your eyes are lookin' through me

who do I think I am in this incandescent light ?

but hold it.....I may be gazing on perfection

I'm goin' nowhere till you leave with me tonight


There could be hell.....


I'm gettin' all the signals.....


rec: 2010