Quay Dark sky 1

Storm Warning   (1988)


I'd been drivin' all night and my body was achin', the sun was in my eyes

My kids were sleepin' in all sorts of shapes and my woman had started to realise

She looked at the scenery and looked at me - how long have I been asleep ?

I reached across and took her hand - It's a secret I had to keep


We'd better skip the sideshows & the salt stained shoes

the sunshine & the trip back home

Maybe a term or two of formal education, we got somethin' else to show them

Headin' north with a heavy heart, counting the hours,

here's to life on the ghost of a chance

we'll step down, take our seats along the back of the hall

and watch the rest of the crazy world dance.


I searched the faces along the quay and for the first time I could smile

I could take a lifetime of laughin' down, if the signs and the rumours were wild

But I couldn't accept goodbye forever, if the nightmare's comin' true

we stood together and watched the sky, as the long black shadows flew


We'd better skip the side shows and the salt stained shoes.....



John Jarvie


George Frame

Rec: 1988

Storm Warning - video