Joe Tex

Song For Joe Tex


I wanted to thank you Joe,

didn't have time before you left but

my you left some hungry hearts behind

I'm not sure if it's fair to teach

the world it's love that matters

then skip off outa sight still on our minds


I wanted to thank you Joe, must've been in to '67

I learned to hold what they call solid soul

You only had one track on some 'Atlantic' compilation

suddenly the new boss took control - and listen, Joe


Do you know how many lives shine a little light 'cos you've been here

Do you realise the power of your words won't disappear

how many pedestal politicians know they got it all wrong ?

Do you know many nights feel a little warmer around your songs

Do you know how many hearts leave a little space where you belong

and do you Joe Tex know how deep is the hole in our soul ?


I wanted to thank you Joe, somehow I missed the one Glasgow Apollo

tho' I heard tell you gave it all and more

I still recall the night I sailed through sad & empty spaces

the time they told me Joe ain't gonna bump no more, an' listen Joe


Do you know how many lives....



John Jarvie


George Frame

Rec: 1988