Derelict station

Solitude  ( 1977)


There used to be a railway runnin'

there used to be a station here

and crowds of people would come and go

I watched them disappear


There used to be a city called Solitude

someone had a humorous mind

and now there's only you and me

do you feel that we're out of time ?


It used to take no more than sun

to take us out of the night

it used to take no more than talkin'

to make it alright

it used to take no more than lovin'

to win us the game

it's gonna take no more than Solitude

earning it's name


It started when the crowds of people

inherited no place to go

and President A and Premier B

couldn't write a happy end to the show

but stand aside 'cos here comes a man

with a plan for an endless sleep

and all we need is a crowd re-run

when the lonliness is cuttin' deep