Socks Motorway spray

Socks In My Pocket



Oh it rained that day,

and the wind

would have blown us away.  

As I drove, I dreamed,

if we could just disappear

in this spray,

could we find a rainbow to hide from the world

or would someone find us and fight for his girl,

but my vision cleared, and we drove on taking you home.


You hold so much love

it takes this ribbon of highway to tie.

It's just this fear we have -

will our faces fade by and by ?

Heading back northwards, our thoughts to ourselves,

are we a key influence, or dust on the shelves ?  

I fumble for chocolate, and what's this I find in my hand














Socks in my pocket, tears in my eyes,

love in my heart, from one too many goodbyes.


Oh we will laugh someday

at the crazy neurosis we wore,

when you've found your way

continents flown shore to shore.

Riding the rainbow that circles the world,

finding some young man who'll fight for his girl.

I'll hang up this old coat

and somebody someday may find

socks in my pocket, tears in their eyes,

love in their heart, counting another goodbye