Lady_in_white b Merkland St - Geo Watson






The music dates from '96. These lyrics belong to 2008.

silver rose 3


Silver Rose    1996/2008


The last time I took the underground

there were just two people and me

stations shuffled by us one by one.

The old man & his wife came near

and sat a touch away

I raised my eyes - she said excuse me son


We know you more than you'll understand

we may be strangers to you

a kindness we would ask to help us travel on

I said 'of course' and on my palm

she placed a silver rose

an envelope he passed into my other hand


Take this flower and it's memories

they will never fade

and we will keep the promises we made


The address was clear, I new the street

in half a mile I was there

the stairway not the kind of place I'd call.

She looked at me with suspicious eyes

till the rose lay in her hand

she held the door as though perhaps she'd fall


I told the tale of the subway car

described the people I'd seen

she whispered it's impossible, they've gone

the letter trembled in her hand

as tears fell from her eyes

the words she read still with me in the dawn


Take this flower and it's memories.....