The Silent Stone   ( 1993 )






A little piece of your future this side of the border line

is all she ever needs

A word from her memory, spoken in life support

saves her as she bleeds

We scan horizons, cry for the homeless heroes

our eyes are everywhere but here

Willing to stand up and be our brother's keeper

as Scotland disappears


We rush to celebrate the borders passing

we reach out everywhere to find our home

when we become the ones we often envy

who's tears will fall upon the silent stone ?



A little piece of your history in among all the fables

is shining bright and clear

Wings on the four winds carried an infant nation

from everywhere to here

So where are you hiding ashamed of your own folly

just waitin' for the day

voices are lifted, pen is put to paper

how many know the way  ?


We rush to celebrate....