Shelter  (1983)


There's a road you can choose

when there's nothin' left to lose

you can laugh at all the world

and all it's fears

There's a time you can spend

when you're far too broken to mend

ignoring lies, hostile eyes you dry your tears....


Oh, there are many ways from rainy days to shelter you from hurting

to turn your back on living life 'cos it's no longer new

then there's me who knows a thing or two

of broken hearts and feeling blue and loves you


there's a valley peaceful and deep

where you long lay down and drift asleep

but the sun may take a time to touch your eyes

is there some way we could agree to give time to you and me

it's a dream we both deserve to realise


Oh, there are many ways.........


Jef Maion

 image ' road in deep valley

& fyord ' copyright Jef Maion