Scotland   ( 1980 )

Since time started turnin' round a story's been handed down

a tale with no beginning & no end

The first on our land it seems, shadows among our dreams

hoped that a divided land could mend

Picts carved their northern stones, Vikings took western homes

Scots from old Erin gave our name


We were Scotland at last, made immortal by our past

from the lowlands to the highlands we'd begun

We are Scotland and stand more than proud upon our land

from the North sea to the islands we are one


But peace it was loath to come, uncertain times for everyone

and many died to please our would be kings

but slow though the changes roll, this country has found it's soul

and Alba has unfolded eager wings

Now it's time for the world to share proud Caledonia's flair

from Islay to Shetland we can sing


We are Scotland at last....



John Jarvie: Guitars

Gerry Dickson: Drums

Rec: 1985

Scotland - the video