Killin bridge

The Road To Killin   ( 1973 )


Far away memories are callin on me

a warm and a special one I welcome in

It's bringing a place

that I almost call home

a bridge o'er a river, the gates of Killin


Do you know how you held me

when I had to go

warming my memories over the years

lifting my dreams through

these grey lowland skies

easy you slip through my nights

and you're here, for me


   Where have I been so long,

      I'm back at your door

needing the time I don't own any more

Why has it taken me so long to begin

heading back homeward on the road to Killin


I shouldn't make promises I'm not free to keep

but once in a while you'll see me on your brig

watchin' a bairnie skip ower the fa's

entranced by their magic the way I once was


Where have I been so long....


I spent an


year in this


place when

I was young

'The Road To Killin' video