Pinnacle View


Pinnacle View         2018


I was walkin' on some eastern shore

Chance of a lifetime, I couldn't ask anymore

I took the stairway up to Pinnacle View

you would be home now an' I could telephone you

Seemed like forever, the sea an' the sky

no way of knowin', we were close to goodbye


For there on a newstand, in a language I knew

headlines screamed at me, my first thoughts were of you

I kept to the shadows, but where could I go

searching for refuge in a land I don't know

That night was lonely - that night was cold

No way of knowin', if we'd ever grow old


I was wakin' in some eastern light

my dreams in turmoil - I knew this wasn't right

an' strangers were knockin', callin' my name at my door

I joined the long line of rich who were poor

Don't ask me who I am, that's all long ago

I just know I'm living - of you I don't know...

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