Old Woman's Song  ( music 1992,  poem written: unknown )


Aye first on the flair an' hinmaist aff it

yon wis the way when she wis a lass

but noo there's grey on her ilka haffet

no sae gleg on her feet as she wis

Petronella, Strip The Willow

Triumph & Flooers, she kent them 'a

Few were the oors she slept on her pillow

when there was a dance in the village ha'


Aye first on the flair when the fiddle scraipet

the auld time dance and she dancit weel

but the folk frae the manse aye flytit and threepit

Nancy McGill wis gawn tae the deil



Ower lang on the flair an' it's time she flitted

her pairtner's gaen a while since syne

she lies alain nae sweir tae quit

the life she thocht sae sair tae tine

she's closed her een but still she hears them