This ' 65 song  is very 'Kinks', but has never been recorded and it's much too late now of course.


 Or is it ?

Never       Feb 1965


i was a lonely boy, always hopin' i'd find romance

F-     F/G  G/A  B/B   F#/F#   A/A   E/E

i was the boy who dreamed love would find me if it got the chance

F-      F/G     G/A     B/B       F#/F#      A/A   E/E

but never, never, never till I met you

  A     E     A       B     E  


funny how things can change, on this freefall into love

F-       F/G       G/A     B/B    F#/F#  A/A E/E

can't deny it's strange, crazy feelin' inside and now

F-   F/G   G/A      B/B  F#/F#  A/A   A/E    

i never, never, never want to be free

A     E     A         A/B B/E  


'cos you're the only girl who takes me

   A             G  

far beyond tomorrow

A           C

never will i ever be the same again....

     F         G          A


( guitar )


's funny how things can change....

  F-       F/G      G/A