Erin 16.4.10

Monday      (2011)


I see you on the corner of the street where I live

And ooh ! my heart is thumpin' from the smile that you give

One of us has got to speak it's no fun on this side of hello

Heard a little whisper you're the new boy in school

Can hardly wait another day to meet Mr Cool

I'm lookin' out my window and I'm gonna die if you never show


My head should be in my education,

My nose should be in my science book

My eyes are seein' nothin' but you on every page that I look


Weekend run away, wish I had school today

Good times gonna start Monday

Sunday should be fun, hangin' with everyone

But I'm livin' for Monday


I wonder if in history you stumble on dates

Maths is just a mystery, it's one of my hates

Maybe we could get together, two heads always better than one

And maybe when our schoolwork leaves our heads in a spin

We could share a movie, Bessie Boo makes me grin

We really ought to say hello 'cos how else can we say we've begun

Aye, it's own up time -

 that's not me on vocals. The lady is Erin, my grandaughter, and just 9 years old. She's worked very hard on this, and deserves every bit of

your applause - take a

bow  lassie !