Mo h-eileanan   ( 1983 )


Where have all the voices gone

and who's taken their place in your land ?

Where have all your children gone

and who's taken their minds and their hands ?

The threat is less now from the law than from the screen

where children lose their native tongue

I walk the harbour - unfamiliar voices ring

the clachans changing one by one


Mo h-eileanan awake and hear

the rising wind, the winter near

Mo h-eileanan who dares to hide

our Gaidhlig crown

wear long it's jewels with pride


and where has all the old pride gone

I've heard stories of men coming home

who bow their heads and weep in shame

at their cultures decline since they'd gone

and a woman tells me of so many children now

at school before they learn the word of the Gael

even a lowlander's a sad and angry man

does the Celtic flame burn in our soul


Mo h-eileanan, awake....

Western Isles