Magilligan Strand Magilligan Strand Mag Strand

Magilligan Strand    ( 2000 )


image copyright photomakers


The lady she's forgetful now, repeats her last remark, but ask about her bygones and you can see the spark

The lines of age are fading and far off days are near and somewhere in those grey eyes a little girl appears

She slips out from her bedroom, waits by her mama's door, above the house the heavens breathe, make the  ocean roar


Mama, can you hear the wind rising on the sea, seems I never sleep now till Daddy's home with me

Maimie, stay with me now and don't you worry child - your father's boat is harboured upon a night so wild

but neither of them find sleep, nor footstep at their door, the morning brings them nothing on a wild and windy shore


Three men are fighting for their vessel and their lives, the 'Rippling Wave' can't promise them their children or their wives

Strength gone, goodbyes said, surrendered to the sea, they let their faith wash over them, may wrath or mercy be

but on the third day rising they touch the silver sand, clutching life they're cast upon Magilligan's fair strand

and by the door the last man she thought she'd ever see

is held until she's sure he's real, laughing through her tears.....

Maimie Barr's 90th - receives Mag Strand