Love In My Time  ( 1976 )


You've got me where

you always said you would put me, high

You always said you could, I knew you would try

You've taken me and shaken me inside out

You're winnin' this fight, there isn't a doubt

You got the love I'm frightened of, too much, too soon

I've a road to use, my one excuse now

Still I concede the man in me owes you some

How could I quit with so much to come


I'm livin' for the laughter in your eyes

I'll never be an all time loser

long as I got you standin' by to keep me in line

I'll never see a single day go by

forgetin' how I once had used you

rememberin' just how you made sure I knew

love in my time, love in my time


You let me go when I have to know if we're high

the further out I go, the darker the sky

Sign's up ahead, just like you said, this way home

I'm stumblin' back and hope I'm in time


I'm livin' for the laughter in your eyes.....


This Way Home

Guitar / keyboard:

John Jarvie


George Frame

rec: 1988