whispering corn & telegraph poles Nessie & wee Brian 1946

The Light In My Life    (1997)


You gave him life one Glasgow July

smiling in peace at the war

Spun time for me one warm Angus Spring

- this love would keep us secure

Days to cherish safely inside, when I need somewhere to hide


Thank you for being the light in my life,

quietly showing the wrong from the right

and thank you for being just one step away,

I close my eyes, feel you still with me today


A gypsy year in Alba's heart

'neath Stronaclachan we danced

a Glasgow song still pulling you home

called, and we followed entranced


Days to cherish....Thank you for being....


Walks past whispering corn, breathing secrets,

Wind strummed wires sing, "she is here...."


Still your voice, your picture remains

I just can't hold you today

you steered our path till our sails were full

constant your star led the way


Days to cherish....Thank you for being....

Nessie Dunblane