child in winter


It started out as many lives do, light in all the corners

warmth in every rainfall, enchantment in the snow

It held so many promises, she couldn't count her blessings

far too many signs of magic everywhere she'd go

and lost among the evergreens she wandered on entranced

life was the stage where she learned to dance


The kids at school were maybe first to question her illusions

but every day held it's escapes and every night it's dreams

If someone couldn't see her world, she'd wrap them up in laughter

a stranger would become a friend, apostle to her schemes

and day by day the cynics fell, enraptured by the child

Many a heart softened when she smiled and told us


Life, can be a pretty place, if it hurts just look around

summer rain can make your garden grow,

winter winds won't cut you down


It started out as many days do, one more new adventure

challenging those distant clouds, she dared them spoil her view

Her father's eyes were misty now, they couldn't give direction

hugs and tears without a sound and suddenly she knew

and out among the evergreens, how quickly autumn came

tasting the wind as it called her name, she told him


Life can be a pretty place, so here's a place for someone new

here's a dream to carry through the years, can I leave my love with you ?



1986 / 1990