Callanish Stones

Laurentia   (2013)


Sailed on Laurentia before the birds


before our blood was warm, before the words

Fought Avalonia and made our truce

four hundred million years before the Bruce

                                    C (open 1,2)


Farewell Laurentia, I have to stay,


Build our hills and dreams and our today

                                      C (open 1,2)

One footprint's all we need to light the spark,

              A (open 1,2)              D

maybe a god or two to fight the dark

        e5                     C


There will be warmer days beyond the ice,

            D                        e5

a man must find a home at any price

           C           D      g



You moved the earth for us and gave us freedom

              e min (flat g)    a       e

Can we be less than you who set us free

          b min                     g

We are the edge of life's  Atlantic children

          e min (flat g)  a       e

Learning long and hard we're meant to be

        b min                        g    a   e5



Here come the them and us, for just maybe


we are the very rocks beneath our feet

                                  C (open 1,2)

We are the wind and rain that make us thrive

          a (open 1,2)                d

We are the northern ones who will survive

          e5                        d


We live in hopeful days and we move on

         d                         e5

for we were never born of Avalon

            c          d     g


instr break (chords as chorus):

e min (flat g)  a  e,  b min  g

e min (flat g)  a  e,  b min  g  a



Sailed on Larentia before the birds


before their blood was warm, before the words

                                       c (open 1,2)

fought Avalonia and made our truce

         a (open 1,2)        d

four hundred million years before the Bruce

            e min           c


These are our golden days as we arise

              d                  e5

to seal our freedom now at any price

           c            d      g


Chorus....  repeat instrumentally....


A  magnificent example of fact beating fiction hands down. The geological roots of Scotland arose from the collision of the Laurentian and Avalonian continental plates and it's subsequent removal from the Laurentian plate when the future Americas went west. So although we'd become welded to a future England we were, even 400 million years ago, made of different stuff. Add all the cultural, linguistic and musical evolution since and we're about as different from 'the English model' as is possible to acheive.


During the brief 306 years of union, the UK government has tried to dilute and destroy our culture and nationhood

- and failed.

It now stands in our way...


The natural conclusion to this saga can only be a decisive 'YES' vote come the Scottish Independence Referendum on the 18th of September 2014 so it's people can return their nation to the world stage....



Early jam on the riff, courtesy of JJ.


It's taken a year to

bring this to the recording desk !