Later  (2003)

The seafront is long there, and it takes a fair time to walk to the cliffs' end and breathe with the sea....He needs this so badly, the space & the silence, for loss is a cold pain, reluctant to leave....

But there is his father, and his father too, it's just for a moment - they smile and say we'll see you later.

Hey, wait a minute I don't get this - we need to stop here and talk this thing through. Why are you dressed up like it's Sunday, what's all the hurry and where are you goin' and why can't I go with you ?

He turns from the headland, wonders where he's been, glances at faces who can't see a thing. But he has his senses and he has his reason, he may face his Winter

but he'll have his Spring....

The seafront is long there, it may last forever

so much illusion this side of the sea

The old voices whisper and I stop to listen

which words the wind's song, and which words for me ?

For there is his father....

Hey, wait a minute....


An Arbroath Timeline

Recorded May 2010

'Later' featured on Skye video