Just A Dream Away   ( 1989 )


You've closed your eyes forever

on this pageant that we view

from crying at our birth

till tears fall on our passing

The bridge you built

between these times

a rainbow in our lives

was always close at hand

leading to a safer side


Just a dream away, the call is strong

but how to find you

this quest this journey's long

Just a dream away, and we'll be there

close together, beyond the prayer


Memories are flowing now

through tears we stemmed before

we shield ourselves each day

from feelings that betray us

but angry at our helplessness

we face that patient foe

who steals another petal from the rose


Words were so inadequate in final days, I know

but when do spoken thoughts convey the love we'd send you

The breeze has caught reluctant sails, takes you from the shore

through the darkest night, on towards the brightest dawn


Just a dream away.....