John Fyfe  ( 1997 )

My hands touch the wood and the tiles on the stair

not everythings changed since the family lived there

I hear the ghost of a tram car bell

this place holds tales it longs to tell....

Born 'cross the Clyde, one of Anderston's gains

an infant of Glasgow with Skye in your veins

guided by fate down the quayside wall

you raise your sail, you heed the call


Where are you sailin' today, John Fyfe

which is the star that looks after my life

your time and mine moving closer each day

when are we coming home ?


Your hands grip the letter, the fatal words form

adrift on the ocean, the news like a storm

the last unconditional love has gone

so what is this that drives you on ?


I wish we could meet tho' they say it's too late

but I've known your daughters & sons

their past as important as their own lives

Mam & Pap, the shining ones


Where are you sailin' today, John Fyfe ?


Clipper 1