Jewels Of The Minch   ( 1988 )


The day has started to lose it's fight,

the key has turned in the door of night

but I am watching my life take wings and fly

The years have softened the edge of fear,

the winds of experience dry my tears

and I'm releasing my dreams across the sky



This island's your history my father had sighed,

your future's far from here....



I will sail by Ardnamurchan to the jewels of the Minch

and I'll be home tho' the ocean makes me fight her every inch

I have burned the years behind me in the fires of my youth

yet they keeps the embers glowing for a fool





Glasgow reached with an iron hand,

it's fiery furnace took command

danced me fast through it's flames then set me free

Now London screams and invades my sleep,

it's lured me further, it's dragged me deep

but I have answered a softly whispered plea


My island is calling with patient faith  

all of my doubts have gone....


I will sail by Ardnamurchan....

Image reproduced

with kind permission

of Ole Jacob


'Jewels' - live 30.9.16