Jamie   (1977)


We all wanted freedom

and maybe we've found it

this story goes nowhere

if we want to live

the chain will be broken outside of the law

a wrong is turning to right

we thought no one could fix



We had useless tickets

to a cancelled show

we've looked funny dressed up

with no place to go....


Jamie take a ride down town

see if the boss is in

See if the cause of the fear

and the tears has hustled in

and if he can't call today

we'll understand


Jamie make haste and climb

up the stairs of the city hall

The view from the roof is just fine

catch him at the station wall

and if nobody cries for him

we'll understand













Jamie don't you ride away

boy there's no cause to flee

It had to be done, it's been done

Jamie your folks are free

and this is home

you have to understand....

sniper sniper sniper


Yes, I know this old recording is dreadful - but it'll have to do for now !