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An Arbroath Timeline....

The Inchcape's Ee     (2006)


Is this the Arbroath road, my it's changed

                 E                                   B

since the days I was a loon

               A                   B

and the harbour shines, just like a jewel

            E                                          B

bringin' sail and new life back intae the toun

            A                          B

Are these the Arbroath fields, fertile and grand

keepin' a  the country fed

Are these the Angus chiels, wha work the land  

red sandstone in them bred


Have I taken her for granted through my days  

          F#                   E

Is she no due a  word o' praise ?

  C#                                Aflat


Arbroath , you're aye the same wi me

E                                       D        A  G

your lights are ever hame tae me

C                               D              G

Icon o hard won liberty

E                         D A  G

watched owre by the Inchcape's ee

C                                  D                G


Is this the ceaseless tide that has called Aberbrothock's men tae sea

I tip my hat tae the brave wha brocht harvests hame tae me

Are these the Abbey walls whar the Bruce made his call for freedom clear

Are these the pageant fowk wha safely guard his truth frae year tae year

Is this the Arbroath sky like a saltire flyin' free, white on blue, endlessly


Arbroath, you're aye the same wi me....

10th anniv live version 2016