Written for my grandchildren, this song is however dedicated to Susi who kept them safe in 2007

I'm Here         2008


This has come as some surprise, but it's o.k.

D                                                                A (open 1,2)

Am I happy where I am ?  I don't know

        E7                                           G

This is going to take me some time to get used to

           D                                                       A (open 1,2)

just tidying some things before I go

      E7                                            G      A


There were signals in the seasons turning too soon

There's a longing for the summer days to stay

so I'd like to leave a promise you can count on

a touchstone for the time I'll be away


It's a brand new adventure

       B (open 1,2)    A (open 1,2)  

I'm a child far from home

       Bm (open 1,5)   E

a sailplane adrift in the sky

  B                E                   F#


A whispering memory on the breeze


flickering sunlight through the trees

                 E                                  A

don't let a sad day hurt you please, I'm here

                F#                         D                 B        F#

Is there's a song upon the wind


chasing your heart, just let it in

                     E                         A

don't ever wonder where I've been, I'm here, I'm here

                F#                            D              B             A



It has come as no surprise, this path is closing

you and I left calling through the trees

above our heads a sea of stars is racing

time and tide indifferent to our pleas


There were signals....


It's a brand new adventure....

        B (open 1,2)

A whispering memory on the breeze....


'I'm Here' video