I CAN'T GO HOME       ( 1989 )


The east coast slipped away when I was just a boy of nine or ten, before my roots were down where even God can't tear them out again

the early memories are sketches in a faded picture book, yet here I am again to taste the sea and steal another look

We hung oot owre the backboard as Cairnie disappeared, the confidence o bairnies, neither o us feart

and wha we micht hae been syne was altered in a day - time made us strangers, mair than just the miles away


I can't go home so easy now, friends have gone, streets are new, it's a different town

I can't go home so easy now, the changes made in both of us are too profound


These old cliffs hold my heart, they hold my head up when the old ones pass. It's when the bell is still, we sail our dreams across a sea of glass

Only the rocks they say are here forever in some shape or form, yet how we trust our souls to rise above them, weather every storm

but runnin for the harbour's a feather on the tide, a coracle o mercy wi Aberbrothock's pride

It's ever comin' hameward and callin' fae the sea, the sacrifice is etched deep, a memory that won't leave me

I can't go home so easy now....


I Can't Go Home

I Can't Go Home - video