I Can Feel the night   ( 1983 )


It's hard to laugh at the blues

when they're deepinin' all around

you bringin' you down

it's easy to see I'm

down on my knees from love

it's easy to laugh with your friends

when they're gatherin' all around you

keepin' you high

but they got their answer

i've lost my reason why


for i know her love's out there unfoldin'

easy on someone she's holdin'

makin' rainbows out of my tears

makin' memories of our years

it's dark and now the clouds are flyin'

lost my way but still i'm tryin'

a taste of honest love will heal me

time is all i need to steal me


I can feel the night

lookin' for lovers and gettin' it right

I can see the dawn

lookin' for you and me and gettin' it wrong