sailing ship

I Am American   ( 1997 )


I am American, born overseas I have

roots leading everywhere, I'll be your friend.

I can't recall a time, we weren't coming back

out on the ships we turned, and dreamed of home


I am American, I stand before the flag

I wear it near my heart and in my head

I stand inside your door, the sure and certain one

who'll kiss away your need to be yourself


and every foreign seed adapts so well

just who you are right now don't matter


A - E - Bm - F# - G (twice)


I am American, guardian of liberty

together we can make us all the same

A can of cola and a crazy movie and

you'll never miss the one you might have been


I am  American, you'd better know the truth

you can't make any moves, you'll be o.k.

you are mine, you are mine, you are mine...

Empires are frightening things, aren't they ?

and sometimes we don't know it's going on...