Hello Little Angel   ( 1992 )


I sometimes wonder 'bout the days

two of us, no empty space

in young dreams before you took your bow

now we're wondering how

how the sun came up in the summer skies

without the light from your sapphire eyes

and why the stars didn't run away and hide

now you're here by our side

outshining everyone


Hello little angel and welcome to life

You're going on a journey we'll take you

let's fly on till all of your dreams come to meet you


I gaze in wonder at your smile

have to steal a little kiss every little while

watching all the changes as you grow

just one thing you should know, baby

look around any time you feel alone

you'll find you're never on your own

Mama's watchin' Daddy's standin' by

and after you fly we'll still be here


Hello little angel....