Meeting on the street


I see her on the street, but I don't know her

there must be something more to this

her face is one I have, somewhere inside me

but in my life does not exist


Her eyes have met my eyes - maybe imagination

My heart knows what she knows - this is insane....


I'm going to meet this girl but heaven knows what I can say

oh what's her story ?

she's going to wreck my life or be the last piece in my jigsaw

death or glory for me


I reach and take her arm, but why is she crying ?

I think we're close, I hear her say

There was another life my father once lived

but would I meet his son one day


My world has gone spinning - he had no other life or

is this girl my sister - could we be halves ?


I hold her in my arms I'm drowning in our tears of laughter

so much to say

I wipe away her tears there will be happy ever after

I have missed her

my half sister