GLASGOW   ( 1990 )


I never wanted you,

I was just another of the running ones,

running from hunger,

turning my back upon the hills

that coulcn't feed me.

I never meant to stay,

just another year or two and I'd be free,

and freedom I've cherished,

tho' somehow never quite enough

to turn and walk away......


Glasgow, It's time to measure all you gave me

as they smother your old steel in chrome

Glasgow, I too must change if I'm to save me

do you mind if this survivor goes home


Where the road fails

leaves a tired stranger by a quiet shore

richer and poorer

poorer in coin but rich in spirit

now I'm wild & free

Where the gull sails

soaring unconcerned by lack of guarantees

I'm gliding on strong wings

over an edge of life that hurts

to touch a peaceful sea


Glasgow, it's time....

Clyde Arc 2



"....good song - I love the way that chorus comes out of nowhere...."


Cameron Davidson

This recording : 2001

Fidycat - 'Glasgow' video