stars over hills 2





You should hae been wi' us, Robbie

skatin' on the loch last winter

- there was a bright glint aff the north star

and the ice lay sparklin', gemmed wi' fire

beneath the snow on Beinn Davaar


You should hae been wi' us Robbie

summer courtin' in the fields

- the hay was tousled by an' by

an' the lassies a' baith blithe an' game

kent weel fit time tae cease an' sigh



You should hae been wi' us, Robbie

but you wis planned for ither things

- ye'll hae cauld quiet for the lave

wi' a coronach o' rain dreepin' through

a' the fower corners o' yer grave



from a poem which appeared in a Glasgow University Magazine 1945

 Poem: Russell Grant (by 1945)      Music Fidycat 1991

JJ Gerundive session 28.1.12 007

 JJ laying down guitar tracks for 'Gerundive 2',

late Jan 2012

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