Vigil Spirit of St Louis


Fly High ( Forever Young )   ( 1983 )


Bobby had a problem 'bout him and the sky

what''s the point of bein' if you can't be high

ever since the days of makin' models as a kid

he'd idolised the flyers and what Lindbergh did


So every afternoon with the school day through

he'd help at the airfield, makin' old planes new

an' one mechanic's daughter had a twinkle in her eye

smilin' at the boy with his head in the sky


Fly high, win your wings, who can bring you down

Fly High , stay forever young


First time solo scares the hell outa most

but Bobby &flyin' were ocean & coast

Susan held him to her as his feet touched the ground

and something passed between them that was heaven bound

A day before they married came an overseas race

and Bobby would win, Sue would marry an ace

The plane was tuned ready, the weather just right

but Sue missed the take off - you know how lovers fight


Fly high, win your wings.....


Bobby wasn't first, wasn't second or last

the day wore on and the evening passed

Susan feels cold as the sunlight appears

it's a vigil she keeps, same time every year


Fly high, win your wings.....