Fifteen  ( 1991 )


Hey, listen, can you here me, an echo from the past

we turn so many pages, living hard and fading fast

Say do you remember April '61

we hung out on the airwaves

and Del came searchin' on the run

We were turnin' fifteen and rock'n'roll was dead

in the autumn of our schooldays,

we had tomorrow in our heads and we watch

years laugh and run away and someone steals our space

time takes so much away

but up there in the airwaves he holds his place


Tell me, how you doin',

did you marry, raise some kids

d'you ever play the old songs,

'Jody' she would cry bein' hid

I only caught the one show, April '74

shook his hand but didn't say

how much he'd meant to us before

I'm listening to his last songs, I hope you hear them too

for a moment I am fifteen

Shannon, Bonds & Wilde and why do


years laugh and runaway....

''61 radio Runaway LP cover