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Fidycat - OK Fidycat - I'm Here Fidycat-End Of The Road (live) The Key - Norland Wind Knuckles - When I Need You Anagram - Tears In Heaven Anagram (ft JJ) - Goin' Home 'JJ '- After The Storm Anagram+SD-CouldItBeMagic Anagram (ftJJ+GD)-T+F in Em Fidycat - Just A Dream Away Anagram (ft JJ) - La Cavatina Fidycat - Leaving Arbroath Fidycat - Theme For Peace Fidycat - The Last Lady Anagram - Your Song Fidycat-Later(live March 2019) JJ - Psalm 91



Gerry Dickson


( Brian Lawrence)


Gerundive (Jas Russell Grant) Fidycat - Glasgow MightAsWellRainUntilSept Where Do I Go From Here ? Fidycat - Ashleigh


Live Covers



The Night..DixieDown Bad Boy (Marty Wilde song) Sheila - live 2018 (T.Roe) JJ - Bring Him Home JJ - Later (intro only) The Key - Storm Warning Fidycat - I Can't Go Home C'mon Everybody (Cochran) Takin' A Chance On Love Fidycat - Fia (live2017) Fidycat-Inchcape's Ee (live '16) Fidycat-Arbroath(liveNov2018) Catch The Wind (Donovan) Fidycat - Scotland Fidycat - Erin Picture Of You Fidycat - The Kirk (live 2016) Fidycat (live 2017 - 5 songs) Fidycat (live 2017 - 3 songs) Wild World (Cat Stevens song) Fidycat - Light In My Life Fidycat - Waking Fidycat - Arbroath (live '15) Fidycat - He Is The One Casey's Last Ride (live '16) Fidycat - Forever JJ - Memory Fidycat -Shelter Fidycat - Jewels Of The Minch My Way (Cochran) A'gram - Don't Let The Sun...

My songs

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I Can Feel The Night (live) Sea Fever (John Masefield) Rohallion - live 22.5.18 Ash+Fid - BloodOnMyHands Fidycat - Tasty (live 2018) Fidycat -Shelter (live 13.2.18) F'cat-PinnacleView(live2018)


Someday (live Feb 2019) So Sad-live '18 (D Everly song) GetReady(Temptations song) Summertime Blues(Cochran) TheFirstTime(C.Andrews song) SYSLJFM (Joe Tex song) JohnnyRocco(LesVandyke) IfYou GottaMake...(RudyClark)

Fidycat's videos of other artistes's songs

Fidycat - Spirit (live) Wake Up Little Susie (Bryant) LovePotionNo.9(Leiber/Stoller) CryMyselfToSleep(Gaudio/Crewe) TilTheEndOfTheDay (R Davies) YoungerGeneration(JSebastian) TryALittleKindness(Austin-Sap...) Woodstock (Joni Mitchell) Radancer (Hugh Nicholson) Fidycat-Long Way Home (live) Fidycat - Gerundive (live) Ian Bruce - My Eldorado Rosalind - Seeking Osiris Brian Hyland - If Mary's There Eve Graham - The Mountains Ian Bruce etc at Arbr. Seafest LewisHamilton & Boogie Bros Blackstar-500Miles/AlrightNow Del Shannon - Jody Ashleigh Ettleman - Breathe Small Faces - Itchycoo Park Runrig - Recovery Marty Wilde - Endless Sleep Donovan - Turquoise JohnLeyton.JohnnyRem'erMe Cut Across Shorty (Cochran) Somethin' Else (Cochran) Fidycat - Three You Better Believe It - Joe Tex On Broadway Til There Was You TheNight..DixieDown(live2019) For Your Love (G Gouldman) Fidycat-Soldiers (liveAug2018) 3 StepsToHeaven (Cochran)




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