End Tae An Auld Sang     ( 1987 )


It's been a long time, since he was here

but still his light shines among us hides our shame

It's been a long road from pride to fear

and now we bide weel content to cool his flame

claymore & pike we bargained with then

just the pen in our hand could free us again


I won't sing the end tae an auld sang

though we've sold off our language, our land

I won't sing the end tae an auld sang

they are words we've no right to defend


So many thousands with sunsets gone

but they left mornings to warm us who were free

but freedom's children have lost their way

and freedom's meaning in union disappears

time flourished when our name gave us pride

a time when our name meant something inside


I won't sing the end tae an auld sang.....


Wallace statue - Aberdeen Wallace Mon.

The title is taken from some of the last words spoken on the demise of the Scottish Parliament in 1707. The 'auld sang' precedes even Wm. Wallace of course, but he is the kingpin of Scottish independence. Of course since 1999 we're back on the road to sanity & full nationhood.

Guitar / keyboard:

John Jarvie

Drums/backing vocal:

George Frame