End Of The Road    ( 1976 )


Lonely man, lonely town,

rainy streets get me down

tryin' to make enough bread to go round

for the kids back home

Lonely woman, smile on her face,

just about anythin' she can face

tryin' to keep enough love goin' round

in the kids back home


Here's your Daddy comin' home,

he's got enough love to keep us warm

I don't know a better way

to make tomorrow shine

Here's your Daddy on the phone,

seems he can't take no more alone

If he'd only stay forever  

wouldn't it be fine


If I knew any way

I'd be guaranteed work I'd stay

but then the only thing I ever learned

is how to gig around

Some day soon, have to choose,

home or music, win or lose

one woman's life's so misused

'cos I'm never in town


Here's your Daddy comin' home....

40th anniv video-Fidycat 2016