Images Cadora late 1964

Don't Let It Show  ( 1965 )


When you go, don't let it show babe

don't say I'm sorry, don't take my hand, just go

for in time when you find it's real easy

for him to say to you, my it's been nice girl, goodbye


then suddenly you'll start to cry

and pretty soon you'll realise

just how I felt when you walked out on me

and maybe then you'll see


Little girl, it's over now

but that's the price I'll pay

I guess someday when you find out

you'll come on back and tell me

you never meant to go,

but you might be too late

so baby, baby, wait - oh - oh


When you go.....


'cos suddenly you'll start to cry....

Oh, dear -

I think it's called

 ' teenage angst '

- so growing older does have it's compensations...