Danielle Jane Kiltarlity


Danielle Jane      ( 1994 )




Tanya Jane, when she was young

looked across the fields and spun

dreams about her future days

but she was not to know


just how useful dreams can be

sketching out her destiny

climbing rainbows endlessly

until she reached her goal


Danielle Jane it can't be true

we see no star that shines like you

perfect angel bright and new

your Daddy will defend

Danielle Jane, you must be real

collecting all those hearts you steal

family pride they can't conceal

your Mama's rainbow's end


John won't ever carve from stone

one creation like their own

he could build an Orkney bridge alone

and you would steal the scene

Roots are strong and running deep

they raise the flower of love for keeps

Princess close your eyes and sleep

you'll be tomorrow's queen


Danielle Jane....

2013 re-mix