glass roof 4

Dancin' On A Glass Roof   ( 1976 )


Do I know you, or one of your dreams

suddenly it's goodbye, but somethin's been left unsaid so listen girl

You better let the train go - to hell with your plans

you're talkin' to a stranger - remember the guy you called your man


You've got your ticket, your new address

your dreams released take wing

Your future shines like your expensive dress

while you figure what tomorrow may bring

Will I tell you, do I have to, do you know ?

You're dancin' on a glass roof

the crowd comes in, it's a long, long way to the floor


Do I know you, there isn't much time

I've got to paint tomorrow the colours to change your mind but I can see

the signal light's changing, it's telling me no

seems the only way to hold you, is stand aside and let you go