Dark sky 1


Coming Home   ( 1995 )


Dawn breaks, the birds seduce the day

cold fingers steal across the sky as if afraid

It's not the time to speak, I watch you silently

seeking refuge from the promises you made

You vowed you'd be there, each hour God allowed

but when freedom spreads her wings, what can you say ?

Your time is all for us, her time is taken

and now the last thing in the world you'll do is pray


Can't accept, she's not coming home

life could not be so unkind

can't accept, she won't telephone

I can hear her in my mind


And we will not fall, for we hold other lives

although the spark will never be so bright inside

and some days will hurt, year after empty year

and tears will fall, tears of pain, tears of pride


I can't accept, she's not coming home....