Blood On My Hands - the location 3 Roe Deer

Blood On My Hands   ( 2011 )


We were in a hurry, meeting in the morning suddenly, I was on my way to work, you were free as the air

I don't know what your plans were, you just flew out of the sun - I couldn't get you out of my head when the day was done


Living on wheels the only law is hurt no one, but I never broke a life the way that I took you down

and if time were like a video I'd take us back I swear - If I could change the changes I made, you'd be here


For wild things, wild places are sanctuary they learn to share

Wild things running endlessly to a refuge they find nowhere


Early on the hills the mist forms strange illusions

easily the hunter falls, becomes the prey

and lying on my face I feel your sad eyes watching me

convict me with your silence then turn away


Music & lyrics 1979 - first recorded 2011

Fidycat's grandaughter Ashleigh ( right )

shares vocals on this Sept 2011 recording

Fidycat 17.12.10 Ashleigh 23.8.11